Nikhil Velpanur gets shit done.
He comes with a background of 14 years as an entrepreneur, technologist, designer and maker.
He works with Amazon Web Services (AISPL) as Principal, Digital Innovation.
He was previously heading Partnerships, Fundraising and Public policy at the Wadhwani Institute for Artificial Intelligence, a nonprofit research institute focused on AI for Social Good. He is also building the AI Hub as part of the Institute's mandate to enable AI for all.
He was previously Disruption Lead + Associate director at Garage 5B, the new ventures lab of Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Limited (NSE: DRREDDY, NYSE: RDY) exploring the idea of disruption in healthcare, and also works with Studio5B, the innovation studio at Dr. Reddy's. 
He has been recognised as a TED fellow and part of the founding team of the INK conference, having started the INK fellows program, helped develop the INK makers program and build the community. 
In his past he has run a media company publishing a 8000 copy/month magazine, launched India’s first indigenously developed 3D printer Brahma3, built a product that makes poems from random tweets, open source tools to alleviate human-animal conflict, and involved in the founding and cofounding of multiple companies and nonprofits. 
He has lived and worked across South East Asia, being part of various efforts. He also advises, mentors and angel invests in hard science and agriculture start-ups.
Nikhil thinks there is magic at the intersection of Design, Technology and Science / has an unwavering belief in the first noble truth of Buddhism / channels his inner scientist through cooking and coffee / drinks beer for its taste / is fascinated by the idea of India / thinks sport is a bloody waste of time / and can't wait to go live in a farm outside Mysore. 

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