Food harmony is a speculative design project that images what our lives would be like if our food was in harmony with our bodies and with the planet.
Can we create harmony of Food inside and outside?
In two parts, 
Understanding how food affects you - by having information about how your immune system reacts, or which bacteria in your gut reacts, or how your genetics determine your metabolism - it could be possible to consume food that would only keep your body in harmony, create new recipes and foods that could prevent inflammation, oxidative stress and have a significant effect on mood, happiness and logevity.
This project is to speculate the coming of this era of data which gives you fine grain control of everything you put in your mouth.
The other side of the project is to grow food that is harmonious for the planet. What if we engineered custom meats, lab grown ‘protein packs’, responsive environments around agriculture and farming, and brought a lot of mindfulness through sensors.
Through Food audits of public places, hacker kitchens, we can design our own future of food.
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