Dr. Reddy’s is a integrated global pharmaceutical company with deep capabilities in both scientific R&D and patient centric innovation.
I was hired as part of the new ventures team called Garage5B with the designation of “Disruption Lead’ to lead the disruption agenda - to imagine and prototype the future of healthcare.
Our mandate was to articulate the ‘Future’ of healthcare and develop a thesis around it. Following this we would engage with both internal and external innovators and startups who are making this future happen - to collaborate with them, invest in them and work with them in whatever way possible.
(All work is private and highly confidential. More details available on request. A very concise version has been detailed below.)

Summary of work

* Articulate this ‘Future of Healthcare’ document and thesis

* Setup a Skunkworks lab to rapidly prototype and test highly experimental approaches. Experimentation included building neural networks to enable predictive power in reading cancer biopsy images, and growing breast cancer tissue in 3D scaffolds to study expression and apply machine learning.

* Setup a hacker in residence program and hosted two hackers who collaborated with us to build out projects that are at an intersection of their skill and healthcare.

* Worked with a data visualization expert, and built a application for pathologists and radiologists that crowdsources unstructured medical data sets and turns them into high quality training data sets for Machine learning algorithms.

* Worked with a robotics engineer and built a prototype of a 3D drug printer - which is a drug dispensing system that takes microencapsulated API molecules and dispenses it in any medium.

* Launched a cryptocurrency called StepCoin, which puts wearable data in the blockchain to be traded against healthcare credits. 

* As a team, we built pipeline among startups that led us to evaluate a significant number of deals and led to an investment in a New York based Next generation Sequencing genomics and A.I startup called Basepair.

* Worked on the brand Garage5B with a brand agency and helped articulate a brand proposition that would signal to potential entrepeneurs that we are the partner of choice to build disruptive healthcare startups.

* Organized a hackathon at IIM Bangalore where we floated two problem statements driven by internal goals, which led to finding exciting and applicable solutions and high potential problem solvers in the talent pool in India.

* Organized a conference series called Hack the Paper - where we challenged scientists who are working at the cutting edge to articulate their work in 5 slides and explain it as they would to a teenager. This was a big success in the science storytelling community, as it led to collaborations between scientists from disparate fields.

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