Velpanur joined the founding team of the INK conference in 2010 to start and lead the INK fellows program. Along with defining the selection criterion, setting the tone, culture and vision for the program, he was responsible to source high quality applicants to apply to this brand new fellowship opportunity, curate the final list, and work with selected fellows extensively to prepare them to give talks on the stage. Velpanur ran the program for 3 years fulltime, and built a team to handover the future of the fellows program. Today the INK fellows program is one of the most sought after and elite fellowships in the world, attracting thousands of applicants from all over the world. Velpanur still continues as a strategic advisor to the program, mentors many of the fellows, and sits on the fellows board and council.
As one of 5 members of the founding team, he was also responsible for leading and managing the website from concept to launch, before handing it over to a dedicated community manager. 
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